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Real Piano Player tutor books are the definitive guide to playing the piano AND reading music. Each of the six books in the series contains approximately 32 pieces of music.

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Piano notes on stave

Teaching Piano During Lockdown

Teaching Piano During Lockdown: it’s made us more creative! The past 5 months have been a technology challenge for everyone, especially teachers. Quite simply: lockdown has made everyone more creative! Making a sudden shift to teaching through a video camera and coping with time delay has been a big challenge. They say you are never […]

Summer Piano Concert

Welcome to the 2nd Virtual Piano Concert open to all my piano students. Click on any performer below then click the BACK button. If you would like to leave feedback, please email me on andrea@andreamonk.co.uk. Many thanks πŸ™‚

Stay Safe Rainbow

Video Piano Lessons

Beat the coronavirus blues and take up a new challenge: learn to play the piano through video piano lessons! What do I need? You will need either a piano or a musical keyboard to practice on. What if I am a total beginner? I teach all students and all ages; from total beginner to intermediate […]

“Stay Safe” Spring Piano Concert

18 performances to enjoy. Click on any performer to watch their video. To watch the next one, hit the BACK button πŸ™‚ Feedback for performers “We both really enjoyed the concert – a great success – thank you.” Sue & Mike 😊🎡🎢 🌈 “A great performance by everyone. And a huge well done to you […]

Summer Piano Concert 2019

Summer Piano Concert 2019

The Summer piano concert took place at All Saints Church on Sunday 7th July 2019. There were 18 students performing including 3 people who were playing for the very first time. Two trophies were presented at the beginning of the evening to the most improved player in the last 6 months. The winner of the […]

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Drum Tracks for Piano

Here are a selection of drum tracks for you to play along with. They are grouped in 4 styles: rock, blues, waltz and techno. They range in speed from slow to fast, increasing by 5BPM (beats per minute). You can either play the drum tracks on the website or download them.

Adagio for Strings in G Minor by Albinoni Level 4 header

Adagio for Strings in G Minor by Albinoni

Adagio for Strings in G Minor was started but never completed by the composer Albinoni in around 1708. It was later completed by musicologist Remo Giazotto just after the second World War. It has been used in many adverts and films including Flashdance, Fame and in the television series The Sopranos, where it was used […]

In the Hall of the Mountain King

In the Hall of the Mountain King

In the Hall of the Mountain King was composed in 1875 by Edvard Grieg. It is well known as the Alton Towers Theme . This has been arranged for Piano Level 3 In the Hall of the Mountain King Sheet Music bars 1 to 6 β€œIn The Hall Of The Mountain King” Level 3 Sample.” […]