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Andrea Monk
Andrea Monk

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Andrea Monk and I have been a piano teacher for 34 years. As a professional musician and teacher, I understand the skills required to perform solo and accompany musicians in a live environment. I teach students the skills required to read music, understand chords and improvise. The ethos of my teaching is to empower the individual to make music for themselves rather than pass formal exams.

My series of piano tutor books is designed to take you step by step from total beginner to accomplished piano player. Students learn at their own pace. Relevant music theory is taught alongside reading music and playing pieces. Each lesson is individually tailored to the student. You are encouraged to choose your own music which can be arranged to suit the standard you have achieved.

Instead of formal exams I hold a piano concert 3 times a year for all students to perform at, if they wish. Experiencing live performance, dealing with nerves and getting a piece of music “match fit!” will enhance your playing and confidence. The evening is about “having a go” no matter what your standard of playing is. More information about the piano concerts can be found here…

What style of music would YOU like to play?

From Classical to Coldplay, from Disney Songs to Dance Music, YOU get to choose exactly the style of music that inspires you and more!

Jazz Cafe by Andrea Monk
Patapan arranged by Andrea Monk

Jacob Mogg aged 11

“I enjoy having piano lessons with Andrea because she is very inspirational. I also enjoy it because she gives me a great choice of songs that I really enjoy playing.”

What age do I have to be to learn the piano?

Currently the age range of my piano students is 7 to 85!

Will I learn to read music?

Most students want to learn to read music. You can either learn to read with my piano tutor series called Real Piano Player which takes you step by step from total beginner to accomplished pianist. Or you can learn to play through chords and lead sheets (without a written left hand part). The choice is yours!

Where will I learn?

Julie and Andrea
Julie and Andrea

Lessons are held at my Piano Studio at 114, Earlham Grove, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 3LG. You will learn on an acoustic upright piano.

There is a safe waiting area for all pupils and parents. There is ample unrestricted parking outside the house. It is situated near 2 main bus routes on Locking Road and Milton Road. It is also a 10 minute walk from either the main railway station or from Weston Milton Halt.

Opening Times and Prices

The studio is open 6 days a week Monday to Saturday, from 9 am onwards. You can choose from 3 different lesson lengths: to suit your lifestyle and your budget!

  • A 30 minute lesson is £16
  • A 40 minute lesson is £19
  • A 60 minute lesson is £27.50

Will I learn Music Theory?

Bass Cleff
Bass Clef
Treble Cleff
Treble Clef

Music theory is taught as part of each lesson. I will show you what you need to know, relevant to what you are currently learning. This ranges from learning the names of the notes on the piano, where they sit on the music stave through to playing and understanding major/minor scales, keys and chord progressions.

If you need to take a formal music theory exam I can help you with this. From zero to hero! I recently taught a drummer, who needed his grade 5 music theory exam to go on to University, but had zero knowledge. With one to one tutoring, he passed his Grade 5 theory exam in just 15 months! If you like to discuss one to one music theory lessons, please contact me.

Music Theory Evening Class

Circle of Fifths
Circle of Fifths

For those who want a little deeper knowledge of music theory, I hold a fun evening class every Wednesday evening. The class is held at my house, between 7:30 to 9:30pm. The class is for mixed ability.

The evening starts with aural (ear) training. This includes  interval recognition eg 2nd, 3rd, octave; identifying major and minor chords and writing down simple melodies. Then we take a popular song and learn about the key, chords and melody of the song by using the circle of fifths. Finally the song is played on various keyboards: some students playing the melody, others playing the chords.

The Music Theory Evening Class is for 2 hours and costs £10 per session, including refreshments.

Andrea Monk
Andrea Monk

If you would like to find out more information or check on my timetable availability, please give me a call or send me an email. All details can be found on the Contact Page.

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