Andrea Monk Opening Times 2019

I would like to wish a “Happy new year” to you all!

2019 is going to be a busy and exciting time ahead for me, with the launch of my new website and online shop. I will be devoting 2 half days every week to building up the stock of sheet music available online.
My key concern is effective use of my time. I want to help as many students as I can. So to be fair to all of my students and to myself,

Mondays: – – then – – then – – – then – – then –

Students who don’t have a fixed weekly lesson time.

If you don’t have a fixed weekly lesson time: please contact me on the day, by text, between 7-9am to see what I have available that day. I will text you back with any time slots available on that day. Please reply ASAP to let me know whether or not that time is convenient.

My aim is to be fair to everyone, to help as many students as I can, and to maximise my time spent both teaching and creating my online portfolio.

Many thanks for your kind cooperation. Andrea


If you need to cancel a lesson, please give me as much notice as possible, ideally at least 24 hours’ notice.
The very latest time to cancel a lesson is by 8:15am on the day of the lesson. Then I can rebook that space for someone else.

If an emergency happens and you are unable to attend, where possible please try to re-book the lesson within 3 teaching days. I don’t want to charge cancellation fees, so please be as helpful and flexible as you possibly can.

Thank you.