Help for Piano Level 4

Piano Level 4 Help

Beginner Piano Level 4

In Level 4 you will be using a large range of notes. Both hands may be required to move to play the appropriate notes. The right hand plays the melody (tune) and the left hand plays the accompaniment. Occasionally the roles reverse. The right hand reads from the top stave and the left hand reads from the bottom stave. The pieces of piano sheet music in Level 4 have either 2, 3 or 4 beats in a bar. A new time signature of 6/8 is introduced.

Level 4 Music Notation


Icon Description

4 Semiquavers or 4 Sixteenth Notes

Semiquavers are worth a quarter of a crotchet beat. To feel the rhythm, say: “Co-ca-co-la”

Pedal Marking

Press and hold the sustain pedal (if you have a choice of 2 pedals, the sustain pedal is the one on the right).

Pedal Change

Lift the sustain pedal and then put it down again. Aim to form a smooth continuous sound.

Pedal Lift

Lift the sustain pedal to release the sound.


A mordent is a musical ornament. It is used to decorate a particular note. To play a mordent you play: the note, the note above and then the original note again. If you play a mordent on the note “A“, play the notes “A B A” very quickly.