Summer 2022 Piano Concert

The Summer Piano Concert took place at All Saints Church on Sunday 10th July 2022.

Over 20 students, both adults and children, took part and the standard was fantastic. It was watched by over 60 people.

Trophies for Most Improved Player over the last 6 months were awarded to:

Darius Morian
Darius Morian
Ray Critchley
Ray Critchley

Ray Critchley in the Adult category

Mini trophies, which were awarded on the night, were won by:

Julie Haddleton, Elizabeth Milner, Teresa Meese, Amber Pressley, Linda Johnson and Theo Scott.


A Mary Poppins medley was performed as a trumpet and piano duet by Julie Haddleton and Andrea Monk. Duets are actively encouraged to improve timing and listening skills.

The next concert is the Christmas Piano Concert at 6 pm. This will be held by candlelight at All Saints Church on Sunday 11th December 2022