Video Piano Lessons

Beat the coronavirus blues and take up a new challenge: learn to play the piano through video piano lessons!

What do I need?

You will need either a piano or a musical keyboard to practice on.

What if I am a total beginner?

I teach all students and all ages; from total beginner to intermediate level.

How does it work?

We connect on either Whatsapp Messenger or Skype for a video lesson. You can have a video lesson on your phone, tablet or laptop. Angle your camera so that I can see your fingers and away we go!

How much are video piano lessons?

You can choose from 3 different length lessons:
30 minutes is £16
40 minutes is £19
60 minutes is £27.50
I teach 6 days a week, so choose a time and day to suit you.

Can I have a free trial run?

Yes! Try a short 5 minute video piano lesson for free, no obligation.

Where do I get my music from?

If you live in Weston-super-Mare you can pop round and buy a comb-bound book from me before your first lesson, for £10. Or if you live further away, you can buy a virtual tutor book from the shop, priced at £6.95. SHOP AND TUTOR BOOKS. Both of these options include accompanying audio files, available as a download.

Can I learn a piece from YouTube?

Yes! You can learn to play anything you want! Just let me know in advance what you want to be able to play, and we will assemble it together, according to your skill level.

How do I book my first video lesson?

Please contact Andrea Monk:

by email at

by phone on either 01934 643011 or 07709 621224

Together we can beat the coronavirus blues!